Car tour to Dalniy Zelentsy

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9200 руб.
Additional discount conditions
Residents of the Murmansk region, regular customers, as well as owners of the promotional code receive a discount
Discount price
8000 RUB.

1 day departure from Murmansk on the Serebryanka road towards Tumanny, visit the Tumanny village, drive past Serebryanskaya hydroelectric power station. Overnight in the forest.
2 day gathering camp travel through the village of Dalnie Zelentsy. Tour of the village. Walk along the surrounding hills. Camp arrangement on the shore of the Barents Sea, Dinner.
In August, in the vicinity an abundance of cloudberries and blueberries, mushrooms.
3 day Breakfast, excursion to the former military village of Parchnikha. Return to Murmansk

What is included in the price:
• 3 meals a day on the route
• rental of group equipment (including tents)
• the instructor
• road transport
• group first aid kit
The group may also agree on other dates for the auto tour.

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