A trip to the deepest well in the world in search of voices from underground!

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👆 The Pechenga district has the deepest well in the world. Anyone who has signed up for our excursion can visit the place and look deep into the Earth today.

🏢 Today, the territory where the SG-3 stood was a sad sight - ruins and ruins, among which it is difficult to find the well itself. However, with our guide, who knows all the secrets of SG, as he is a former employee of SG-3, we will not be bored. Here you will find the most incredible stories about the work of the SG-3, about the voices from the depths that many have heard. Locals say that this is nothing more than "moans of the Earth", and even from the Underworld. The depth of the well is 12,262 m. Up to 15 thousand m wanted to drill it.

🚙 Departure from Murmansk 9.30 AM
☑️ Check-in at SG-3 at 12.00 AM
☑️Excursion from 12.00 AM to 01.00 PM
☑️ Free time for inspection from 13. to 01.40 AM
☑️Lunch at Nickel 02.00 PW
☑️ Visit to the Museum of History and Local Lore of the Pechenga District with an exposition about SG-3 03.00-04.00 PM
🚙 Departure to Murmansk 04.20. Arrival at 07.00 PM

❗️Period: June - September
(group of at least 3 people)

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