A trip to Teriberka with an active snowshoeing

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❄ Excursion to the waterfall and to the ocean shore with snowshoes - hot tea on the way, a snack, if you still have strength, you can also go to the artillery installations, which is 2 km from the waterfall. ❄ Lunch in a restaurant with traditional northern cuisine (optional and at the expense of tourists) ❄ Sightseeing tour of Teriberka, travel along the Barents Sea. ❄ Return to Murmansk

What is included in the price:

✔ guide accompanying in snowshoeing

✔ road transport

✔ snowshoe and stick rental

✔ snack and tea in snowshoeing

✔ group first aid kit

👆In connection with the Polar night, snowshoeing starts from the end of January and lasts until April.

❗️ What you need to take with you
Personal snowshoeing equipment is the same as for skiing. The full list can be found in the route description. In the campaign, you definitely can not do without:
➡ Warm trekking clothes. Choose items from lightweight and windproof materials that retain heat well.
➡Winter Sunglasses. A ski mask will not be out of place either.
➡High-quality camera. The landscapes on the routes are simply fabulous.

📌 More about snowshoes

👆 Snowshoeing is, in a sense, an alternative to hiking skiing. But when the main goal is not skiing, namely hiking or walking, snowshoeing is more convenient, because they:

☑ lighter than ski;
☑ suitable for almost any winter terrain;
☑ they have higher maneuverability - this is important in a dense forest, where skiing you just can’t turn around among the trees;
☑ You can walk on snowshoes without preparation, for this it is enough just to be able to walk!
☑ snowshoe mounts fit any shoe.
❄ If you have already traveled skiing, you can easily master this device. Snowshoes are shorter and wider and resemble large bast shoes that prevent them from falling into the snow. It is convenient to travel on them both on loose and dense packed snow.

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