Campaign in Khibiny to Lake Academic

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Going on a hike to the Khibiny, you will present yourself with a unique opportunity to contemplate the magnificent panorama of the mountain slopes, towering almost over the entire horizon. The climate in Khibiny is a specific highland. It is slightly warmer than in other polar regions - the proximity of the Barents Sea and the warm Gulf Stream affects it. Until mid-summer, the mountains sparkle with their snowy outfits against the background of green grass and forest. In some areas, snow does not melt until the end of summer, and surprisingly, it remains white. Holidays in the Khibiny combine winter and summer into one. Having once gone on a tour to Khibiny, you will most likely want to return here again.

Day one - departure from Murmansk at 04.00 PM. Delivery by car to the valley of the Kuniyok River, we camp at the foot of Mount Kuelporr.
Day Two - Putting together a camp, collecting backpacks with sleeping bags, tents, meals. We pass the South Rischorr pass, pass into the lake. Contemplating the beautiful views of the Khibiny, Umbozero Lake, we set up a camp by the lake and walk in its environs.
Day three - we return to Mount Kaskasnunchorr and go through the Rischorr Gorge to the foot of Mount Kuelporr, returning to Murmansk at about 9.00 AM.

What is included in the price:
• 3 meals a day on the route
• rental of group equipment (including tents)
• the instructor
• road transport
• group first aid kit

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