Rafting on the rivers Konya and Pec

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Two-day rafting on catamarans along the Konya and Pech rivers.
Friday - departure at 06.00 PM from the city of Kola. Off-road driving to the destroyed bridge over the Konya River. Collection of catamarans. Overnight stay
Day one - the start of the rafting along Konya, the right bank of the river is a reserve, the forest is quiet and deserted., The passage along the Pechozero. Overnight in the forest near the destroyed bridge over the Pecha River.
Day Two - rafting on the Pecha River, passing rapids. Finish at the waterfall, near the village of Verkhnetulomsky. Return to Cola on Sunday evening.
The places are picturesque, Konya is calm, The stove is rapids.

What is included in the price:
• 3 meals a day on the route
• rental of group equipment (including tents)
• rental of catamarans, life jackets, pressure bags
• the instructor
• road transport
• group first aid kit

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