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    Now it’s fashionable to visit Kola - and in the harsh north of the Barents Sea, to visit the now famous Teriberka and be noted at the mysterious Seyd Lake, in the Khibiny rich in minerals, and of course in the south near the White Sea. Then later, somewhere in the winter in a comfortable office, over a cup of coffee, to the question of an idle listener: “Have you ever been to Kola?” one could proudly answer: “It was!”, and to the clarifying question: “And where?” even more proudly and absolutely deservedly say: "And Everywhere!".

    When potential tourists ask where it is better to go to Kola, I would like to advise you to go everywhere - the region is so diverse not only for its flora and fauna, but also for its landscape, reservoirs, settlements and much more. In the north of the Kola Peninsula, you can still drive along the old front-line roads, find yourself in abandoned caves, trenches of wartime, there are barbed wire, places from explosions of shells. And in the south of the region you can visit the Pomor villages, enjoy the unforgettable views of the White Sea coast. In the center of Kola, see the Khibiny mountains rich in minerals, as well as the mysterious Lovozero tundra.
    The Kola Peninsula is the place of the midnight sun, the kingdom of the polar night, it is also the “Russian Lapland” and the birthplace of Russian northern shipping and fishing. The diverse natural conditions of the Kola Peninsula - vast forest lowlands and mountain tundra, countless lakes and rapids, rare minerals and minerals, a rich and peculiar flora and fauna, ancient monuments and echoes of the Great Patriotic War - all this can be seen by going on an auto tour on Kola Peninsula.
    It is precisely taking these facts into account that we offer a unique opportunity to visit Kola in all iconic places, slowing down a little where it is worth contemplating.

    Day one - at 9.00 departure from Murmansk to the Sredny Peninsula, travel along the coast, visit the 221-battery battery Memorial, visit the Two Brothers rocks, as well as the banks of the Red Gems, spend the night on the Vykat River near the former military airfield and the abandoned village of Pumanka.
    Note: Middle Peninsula
    The Middle Peninsula is the isthmus between the mainland and the Rybachy Peninsula. I don’t even want to write about this place, you just need to look at the photos. Insanely beautiful and amazing nature, complete absence of tourists and the Barents Sea.
    In order to see the most beautiful places, you need to drive from north to south along the western coast of the peninsula. The east coast is not so picturesque. A cliff stretches along the entire western coast; in some places there are waterfalls. Huge stones lie on the shore, to which the efforts of wind and water gave different bizarre shapes. The Sami tract “Two Brothers” deserves special mention - two huge stone pillars standing on the shore.
    Throughout the peninsula, the remains of military fortifications from the Second World War are scattered on which you can freely climb.
    Day Two - transfer to the Rybachy Peninsula, a journey through picturesque places, a view of the Varanger Fjord, a visit to the northernmost point of the European part of Russia - Cape German, the village of Vayda-guba, a visit to the most beautiful cape of the Rybachy Peninsula - Cape Kekursky, travel to Skorbeevka Bay, lunch on the ocean, a visit to the abandoned military village Skorbeevka. Return to Murmansk. Overnight at the guest house.
    Note: Peninsula Fishing
    The route will pass along the coastline of the Fishing Peninsula in the Barents Sea. Here you can see the expanses of the Arctic Ocean, steep cliffs, golden sandy beaches, endless tundra with lakes, streams with waterfalls flowing in canyons, visit monuments of events of the Great Patriotic War, abandoned military villages, meet herds of reindeer.
    Day Three - 9.00 departure to the village of Teriberka - visit to the waterfall, coastal battery in the tundra, travel along the coastline, lunch at a local cafe with dishes from local cuisine. Return to Murmansk and visit to the Lenin icebreaker museum. Overnight at the guest house.
    Note: Teriberka
    Teriberka is located to
    northeast of Murmansk, about 120 kilometers. Once there was a rich fishing village, but now it is almost abandoned. The village itself makes a depressing impression - a huge number of destroyed houses, boats rot on the shore. But they come here not for the sake of abandoned villages, but for the sake of the local landscapes. In front of Teriberka itself, panoramic views of the Teribersky reservoir open. It is worth a walk along the Teriberka River itself, it flows among steep stone banks and looks very impressive. And local sandy beaches are more suitable for resort towns than for a tiny village located far beyond the Arctic Circle.
    In addition to Teriberka itself, it is worth dropping into the nearby village of Ladeynoye and taking a walk from it to the north, towards the coast. The road starts at the very end of the village, but is only suitable for high-seated SUVs. Here the landscapes are completely different. Lakes surrounded by hills, red rocks, cliffing practice
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