Winter day trip to the Lovozero tundra to the circus of Raslak

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Lovozero tundra is famous for its summer routes, Seyd Lake and Kuyva. However, there are other interesting and beautiful places in the massif that can be reached in winter daylight, returning to civilization in the evening.

The Circus of Raslak is also called the Circus of Ramsay, probably in memory of the first geologist Wilhelm Ramsay, who discovered the Lovozero tundra massif for world science in the late 19th century. The names “1st circus” and “2nd” circus have taken root more popularly. Both circuses are of glacial origin. The steep walls of circuses reach 250 meters in height. Extremely famous is the Geologists Pass - in fact, it is a jumper 150-200 meters wide between the first and second circus.

    Campaign Plan:

    • On Saturday at 7 am departure from Murmansk to Revda. Ride 2 hours by car. We leave the car by the road, put on snowshoes and at 9.30 start moving towards the hills, carry out the ascent, take photographs on the approach to the circuses, drink tea, have a snack and start moving down. Travel time is approximately 5 hours.
    • Approximately at 03.00 PM we return to the car.

    What is included in the price:

    - conductor
    - transfer from Murmansk
    - tea, nutrition
    - rental of snowshoes, sticks
    - group first aid kit

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